Puntland State of Somalia Allows UAE trainers to leave Bosaso Airport after Stand off

Security forces at commercial town of Puntland state agreed to let go Emirati trainers after hours of standoff at Bosaso International Airport.

The dramatic standoff sparked after trainers defied searches to be made on their belongings according to Puntland security sources.

After talks trainers accepted to come with the terms of airport security and searches were made on their luggage. In return, Airport authorities allowed the plane to depart after searches. Local media has reported.

The incident coincided with another one at Bosaso seaport today where UAE Flagged ship disallowed to dock in the port. Reports say the vessel come to ship back military hardware after UAE decided to abandon military training project for Puntland coastguard.

Last week Somali Federal government confiscated $9.6 Million USD sealed bags at Muqadisho International Airport from UAE Royal Jet.

Emirati Foreign State minister condemned the Somali action and accused Somali Government for provoking unnecessary escalation.

Somali government in its side formally complained to security on what it said an UAE destabilization projects in Somalia.

Source: Jowhar News


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